A Poem: A Flower In The Sky

Some people are good at starting over. Others are terrible at starting over. And there are those who will simply not start over. This poem is for all of us: the good, the terrible and the won’t.


You have always been unclipped butterfly.
Flying to melodies of failed and triumphed life.
Today you are tested with plans gone wrong.
No metamorphosis prepared you for this trial.
Yet the music of change is calling you to dance.

You were egg, caterpillar, pupa and now butterfly.
Can you see transformation is a rhythm you know?
Do you remember stepping out from the cocoon?
Nobody could stop your tempo to aspired destiny.
Why let now taps of wilt hinder your waltzing?

From today onwards the sky is your playground.
Swing to where you please not where despair calls.
Rave with your wings until clouds conspire to sing.
Be illuminating flower where it is least expected.
Spread magic of transformation to every dulled star.

Keep dancing whether in pristine or wild grounds.
You have always stood out as hard to pick flower.
So flutter, fly and float to the skies of hopefulness.
Wrap the music as you softly rest on shoulder of life.
Coz’ nobody knows secrets of flowers like you do.

©Gloria D. Gonsalves

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