Petals In A Lawyer Diary: A Frolic Fling

One blue-skied day, spring stood to winter and reclaimed the snowballs. Mesmerised I stood there, wishing for a frolic fling with the weather. His gentle voice brought me back to him.

“Do you know the name of those?”
“No, I don’t. They remind me of Schneebälle.”
“Well, you are spot on. These are also called Schneebälle.”
“I feel like hiding under their bush shadow. Then be playful there.”
“What are you waiting for?”
“…and feel like a virgin bride surrounded by incredible white blooms.”
“And who is the groom?”
“You can ask my lawyer.”

* Schneebälle/Snowballs is a specialty of Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Germany). The normal version of the snowball is covered with sugar, and special ones are covered with different kinds of chocolate.

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