Poem Reading: “Forever Not Yours” in WILDsound Writing Festival


You came and left fast
like Santa in a fat chimney
with promised gifts of goodness.

I remember your worshiping of
my body like sacred petals of lily
heralding me your godly foreplay.

Your unsaid words showered me
with deeds of heavenly award
that made Venus gasp with envy.

The kisses that you whispered to me
were of angelic hymns of redemption
blooming what had long gone withered.

Caressing dormancy to awakenings
of red purity and passionate avalanches
nothing of me was spared from melting.

I was flown into the heart of your eyes
mirroring startling thirst to be taken with
the wings of adoration and submission.

Exhausted with imperfect melodies
you fine-tuned my uncertain pleas
with forbidden baton of arousal.

Unleashing the timid facade
I dared to excel in the challenge
of unrestrained picnic with you.

The mighty pulse dwelled majestically
ready to tango with every last longing
until inhales of flesh befitted desires.

So a creed of passion was written
thou shall devour every moan
until the combe overflows with nectar.

Amidst my party of juicy emotions
you were done and gone.
Alas, I was forever not yours!

©Gloria D. Gonsalves, 2015

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