A Tautogram Poem: December Spirit

A tautogram poem is a poem where all words in the poem begin with the same letter. I picked the letter C to highlight festive things that collectively mark the arrival of December. This writing is my first attempt at this form, and I hope it reads like a poem.

Clocks crispy chimes

cozy crafts

Coca Cola
caravans coming

chasing & carouseling

crowded church
choir caroling

cards & calendars
caring causes

chubby Claus
cracking confessions

candlelight casting
Comet & Cupid

chimney chants
candy canes!
candy canes!

calling, chatting,
cherished company

chocolate chips,
crunchy cookies

coating chestnuts

cinnamon, clove,
comforting colds.

Cole, Crosby, Como,
classical celebration

chilled crystals clinking
Christmas cheers!

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