Petals In A Lawyer Diary: Adam & Eve


It was an extra warm July. The first berries of summer season were ripening. It was delightful to anticipate the picking and relishing; or harvesting for beautiful arrangements.

However, some berries were meant to be admired from afar.

She: Look at those berries. They are beautiful.
Him: And poisonous.
She: What are they called?
Him: I cannot remember.

They were arum berries, also bearing abundance of names including snakes head, lords-and-ladies, devils and angels, Adam and Eve, cows and bulls, naked boys, etc. The names are indeed plenty to prompt a showy story from a fascinated mind.

“A long time ago lived a couple named Adam and Eve. One time, their two naked boys put a play of devils and angels. Lords and ladies were seated at the front row. A snake’s head appeared and began to mimic cows and bulls sound.”

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