My Global Call – Africa Is Not What You Know

It all became clear in August 2012, the day I wrote pages 21-22 of my recently published book “The Wisdom Huntress”. Under the article titled “Are We?” are reflections about my motherland continent Africa. I questioned so many things, all around the notion of African people having surrendered to mind limits imposed to us.

In November 2012, I responded to a poem prompt “I Am Longing For!”

I am longing for the day,
when prejudiced minds will no longer be,
the reason of humanity division.

I am longing for the day,Fotor0429214029
when our dark child will no longer be,
a portrayal of poverty and ignorance.

I am longing for the day,
when my continent will no longer be,

the source of charity calls.

I am longing for the day,
when religion will no longer be,
the source of endless hatred.

I am longing for the day,
when ethnicity will no longer be,
the root of complexities.

I am longing for the day,
when empathy and kindness will be,
the foundation of humankind behaviour.

Today, Sunday 28 April 2013 I came across an article titled “Africa Top 10 Problems: Not the ones You were thinking about!” It triggered in me a feeling of urgent action. My silent dislike of our black child, mother, father and relative faces being used for charity and financial aid wanted out. Africa is not poor like people are led to believe by the media.

In all human societies when our beloved ones undergo sickness, death, disabilities and other frails we respect them by not publicising them. And if we do, it is to display their heroism. Why cannot we do the same for Africans?

No bad situation ever healed by focusing more energy to the problem. Bad news sells, and the same news attract more damage to our lives. The spaces in our mind capable of doing, hoping, sharing, learning, educating, changing are conquered by terror and helplessness from negative news. It’s time to stop this corruptive madness. Instead of focusing only on the hardships, let’s occupy ourselves with messages of hope, inspiration, education, innovation and an attitude to conquer obstacles.

I am here to ask everyone respect the dignity of Africans by saying no to poverty porn and tourism. Join me in proving that “Africa is not what you know”. Let this be our global campaign by intellectual humans, for Africa. Be here to support the face of Africa that masses of people have not a clue about.

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