Bringing Sexy Back To Nature

About a year and months
ago, I decided to blog about flower arrangements. At first, the writing was
personal journals intended to share different arrangements from wild and
domesticated plants. My beloved inspired the blog’s title “Petals in a Lawyer“. After few posts I got an idea to expand the topic
from just flower arrangements to general nature adventures. Thereafter I
decided to add poems too.

I was nature writing and had no idea.

The revelation was a recent surprise. My epiphany occurred online
when I landed on a page titled “Nature
”. In their “About” page, the meaning of
those two words was revealed. I have been doing it all along.

It has been quite a journey for me into the world of nature
writing. Having being lured slowly into it, I now feel physically and
spiritually awakened. Suddenly everything around me bears the potential for
admiration. The moments of constant amazement are endless if I care to look
with non-drowsy eyes. Nature writing has become sexiest thing for me. As it
takes two to rumble that sexiness, my beloved vowed to remain the loyal muse.
Together we hope to entice others into discovering and appreciating the gifts
from the natural world.

Most readers perceive nature writing to be boring, at times
scientific and therefore not always easy to read, and is dead. Additionally,
not everyone enjoys nature literature. My desire is to zing the writing so that
readers too can appreciate nature.  Dear readers trust me when I say
nature writing can be sensual. Now that is juicy, isn’t it? Just ruffle through
this site and guarantee you will find some alluring reading.

the forest fairies, dwarves and angels accompany me in proving that nature
writing isn’t dead but very sexily alive.

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