Different Faces – Stages of Life


I support the effort of a musical artist Genda, who invited various individuals, from different walks of Life, to portray the vision of Different Faces track from the album “Follow My Footsteps”. The idea is to receive and relay this message in different perspectives.

We are born from different parents; different places; but are the same.
We grow; we change; but are the same.
We experience; we love; we hurt; but are the same.

Let’s learn to love all the different faces, of us and others, which life imposes us with.

Inspired by chorus of the track, I put together a collection of my different faces on a video. The intention is to highlight the fact that as people we undergo different stages of life, probably in different environments, different time zones, looking different – but we are similar as humans.

Enjoy the autobiographical journey of my different faces in stages of lifewith background audio “Different Faces” by Genda:

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