A Speech Poem: Everyone Is A Star

*My writings have been inspired by encounters with many blessed human beings – parents who spent time with a child drawing, a child who drew what would become part of my book, colleagues who encouraged me through purchases of my books, loving souls with different sexual orientations who taught me not to judge and accept others as human beings, earth angels who said inspirational words that made me rich of ideas, people from different religious beliefs who nudged my soul to seek its spiritual path through written words, my family who shaped and continues to shape the path I want in life, my beloved who gifts me with time and endless encouragement, and so many others unnamed. These are all stars, who lovingly give me the right to be one too. Please receive my sincere gratitude, you luminous beings.

Distinguished stars of Earth,

On behalf of the sun, the moon, the sky and fellow stars, I pass on their greetings to you.

Imagine a dark sky at night, dotted with millions of sparkling stars.
That sky is beautiful because of those many stars.
A star alone in the sky might not cause us to hold our breath with amazement.

The same applies with humans and the world as our centre stage.
We are humans with different strengths and aspirations.
Together we illuminate the world with arrays of our personas.

A parent is a star to a child.
A stay-home mother or father is a star to a family.
A career woman or man is a star to a partner.
A gay, lesbian, transgender or straight is a star to a lover.
A boss is a star to a subordinate.
A leader is a star to the directed.
A disabled is a star to an advocate.
A student is a star to parents.
A preacher is a star to a congregation.
A performer is a star to an audience.
A muse is a star to a writer.

Your brilliance might not be recognised by a certain audience.
This doesn’t mean that you are not a star.

Someday an encounter with the right audience will occur.
There, they will jubilate your presence.
And you shall twinkle until darkness gives in to your bright light.
Because you are a star.

Until then, hang on precious star.

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