GloPoWriMo/NaPoWriMo Day 4: Of Roses and Rubies

Today’s prompt challenges to select a photograph from the perpetually disconcerting @SpaceLiminalBot, and write a poem inspired by one of these odd, in-transition spaces. I selected the below image, turned it upside down, and saw a glass half full with wine.

The red sky,
floating above is not.
Upside down, I see
a glass made of
broken hearts
in the field
where roses and rubies
are drinks, landscaping
this border region
of fluidity and brevity.

I see lives, dancing
between burgundy
and champagne mirage
in the sunlight.
I see cheers
in the seas of hearts
clunking clots of doubts
to live colorfully,
in the flaming land
with sparkling sky.

After the drinking
and dancing,
I see them matching
euphoric chests
heads down
drunken with reality
found in the soul
of those who know
that this land
is abstract moments
gifting happiness
or healing sadness
until next drink.

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