Haiku Poem: Made To Shine

A child with albinism during the author’s book launch of Jai the Albino Cow. Photo by author.

Made to shine on earth
brightening like the spring moon
despite ill torments

First published by ILLUMINATION

Author’s note:

This poem is a dedication to people with albinism. On this International Albinism Day, we celebrate persons with albinism worldwide under the theme “Made to Shine”. Recently, in some countries, they have been branded “Corona” or “COVID-19” in an attempt to scapegoat them for the pandemic. Killings, attacks, bullying, dehumanizing stigma and discrimination continue against people with albinism. Yet on this day, we are reminded that in spite of these horrific practices, people with albinism continue to defy odds, overcome hurdles and face up to injustices with resilience. Today, we stand together with people with albinism all over the world in their fight to live a life that is free of stigma, discrimination, fear, and violence. A world where they are made to shine. The worst discrimination people of albinism encounter is their dehumanization. Some people believe that they are magical beings or ghosts, they mutilate or even kill them, so their body parts can be used for witchcraft rituals (United Nations).

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