Petals In A Lawyer Diary: How To Make An Advent Wreath


The Advent wreath is part of Catholic tradition. You will see it as a ready-made ensemble or in the form of do-it-yourself (DIY) accessories in shops from around mid-November. The wreath is made with sprigs of evergreens and four candles. The four candles symbolises the four weeks of Advent. The candles will be lighted on the day of each Advent i.e. the first candle on first Advent; the first and second candle on second Advent; the first, second and third candle on the third Advent; and all four candles on the fourth Advent. Although it is common to see a wreath with four candles, you can make one with five candles. The fifth candle is lighted on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

If you wish to know more on the history and meaning of the advent wreath and how to use it, you can find plenty of information online and from your church elders. I am here to share how the lawyer taught me to make the wreath. The DIY wreath will save you a lot of money while adding fun in the making process.

A wreath, a green string, fresh sprigs of evergreens or pine, four candles and holders, and decorations (e.g. cinnamon sticks, ribbons, pine cones, small fruits, etc.)

How To

•Place the wreath flat on the table.
•Attach fresh sprigs of pine onto the wreath using the string.
•Attach the candle holders evenly. Place the candles into the holders.
•Decorate the wreath using the pine cones, spray-painted silver or gold.
•You can decorate with your own ribbons and natural scents from cinnamon sticks or circular orange pieces.

May you be touched with hope, peace, joy and love throughout the holiday season!

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