I am Child of Tanzania (A Poem)

First published in When Women Waken, Winter-Spring 2014 – Issue 4

Blood of my ancestors speak,
that I am wisdom within.

History from Olduvai Gorge,
that I am knowledge of evolution.

Unbroken caldera Ngorongoro,
that I am the wonder within.

Our elephant is largest on land,
that I have power to leap forward.

Great lakes of East Africa,
that I am source of greatness.

Mighty height of Kilimanjaro,
that I am tall as I want to be.

Cave paintings of Kondoa Irangi,
that I am a timeless artist.

Maasai, Makonde or Ndengereko,
that I am a vision of unique beauty.

Crowned with mixed tribal wealth,
that I am rich of diverse cultures.

The spicy fragrances from Zanzibar,
that I am an essence for tolerance.

The Hehe and Ngoni warriors,
that I am a brave and strong soul.

Ghosts of long gone slavery,
that I am free of imposed limitations.

Tales depicted in Swahili fables,
that I am a lexicon of many lessons.

Like Jumbe, Karume or Nyerere,
that I am spirit of sacred change.

Born and raised in homeland,
that I am a child of Tanzania.

©Gloria D. Gonsalves

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