I am for RABMAD (Read a Book, Make a Difference)

I am humbly honored to be part of RABMAD, an organization that features authors who commit to donating a percentage of their royalties to a charity or cause of their choice. Since my first book publishing in 2006, I have joggled with a few ideas on how to merge my writings with donating portion of royalties for causes. Then I came across a tweeted message about RABMAD. While reading about the network and authors involved, an idea vividly formed in my mind. Overjoyed and grateful for that tweeted message, I kicked off the idea with my newly published book “The Wisdom Huntress”. For every copy sold directly by me, I will donate a portion to Tanzania Albino Charity.

More about my RABMAD portfolio at http://www.rabmad.com/authors/gloria-d-gonsalves/

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