I Have Joined The Army of Book Fairies

Books are important: you can travel the world through them, you can see your struggles reflected in them, you can find solutions to your struggles in them, you can find wisdom in them, you can find entertainment in them, you can find differing opinions in them, etc.

It doesn’t matter who wrote the book or what culture it reflects. In the quiet of reading, books can teach you things you didn’t know. You can choose to learn or simply be entertained. I still remember reading ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ in Swahili language. That book was my read every holiday from boarding school. It unleashed a thirst for reading and writing.

Books also make great poems. If you doubt your poetic ability, you don’t have to start from scratch. Just arrange the book titles you have to make a poem. And you will have made a book spine poem.

And now that I have all the required tools, I will soon start scouting locations to leave books for others to read. I am excited and humbled to be the additional ‘book fairy’ in Germany.

If you want to get involved as a book fairy, go here.

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