International Recognition Through NYC Big Book Award 2021

The NYC Big Book Award recognized Jai the Albino Cow: Jai Ng’ombe Zeruzeru in the category of Multicultural Fiction as a distinguished favorite.

Title: Jai the Albino Cow: Jai Ng’ombe Zeruzeru
Author: Gloria D. Gonsalves
Illustrator: Nikki Ng’ombe
Reading age: Baby – 12 years
Grade level: Kindergarten – 6
Language: bilingual (English and Kiswahili)

Can an albino cow possess abilities to be admired by other cows? Anjait (Jai) is Ankole cow who lived with her family in Kole Hills. Jai suffers from albinism. Other cows thought she was cursed. But when she accomplishes a feat no other cow has done before, the rest of the community can’t but help be in awe of her magical skill. The book features both English and Kiswahili text.

“Jai the Albino Cow” teaches young readers to respect everyone and show kindness, regardless of another’s appearance. We have to get rid of the social stigma around albinism where people are being outcasted or struggling to fit into either black or white communities. In some parts of the world, people with albinism are hunted for their body parts for magic potions by witch doctors.

I hope this book amplified by this international recognition will continue to shape humane treatment for people living with albinism, particularly in areas where persons with albinism are maligned.

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