International Women’s Day 2014: Inspiring Change

Saturday, 8 March 2014 saw worldwide celebration of International Women’s Day, with a theme to inspire change.Women, men and children took part in different activities to celebrate women. My honour of this day and it’s theme began with reflections about myself as a person. What can I do to inspire change?

I made a vow that I shall do my utmost best to keep. That I shall not use African history to instigate vengeance and hate. Instead, I will use current African history as a source of inspiration and love. I will honour this vow throughout and make it stand out on my global call “Africa is not what you know “.

That I will honour humanity and all that encompasses it. I will strive to do so by embracing every human regardless of their gender, lifestyle and physical appearance. That while celebrating women I shall include men who inspire changes that unleash divine light in women.

The peak of the celebration was an inspiring evening, whereby I joined fellow women, men and children at the first ever event of its kind coordinated by Susan Enjema Aweh (A Sister in Germany) to celebrate International Women’s Day. Three children recited poetry dedicated to women. Personally, I was grateful that children were involved because change starts with values that we instil on them. As a small encouragement to never give up their dreams, I presented them with autographed copies of  “Diamonds Forever“, one of my children’s book, that’s rich with diamond poems and illustrations by children from different countries worldwide. We had fun and above all got inspired while celebrating the woman on this day.

An article summing up the evening by Mkenya Ujerumani can be read here.

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