International Women’s Day 2017: A Letter To Daughters

For International Women’s Day 2017, we’re asked to #BeBoldForChange. To call on the masses or call on ourselves to help forge a better working world – a more inclusive, gender equal world. So I wrote a letter to daughters.

8 March 2017

Dear daughters,

I hope this International Women’s Day finds you curious to decipher what you have seen, heard and read throughout your life.

You will have observed slogans, sayings and acclamations that you are strong and fierce almost like superhuman. In all these, you won’t lack expectations that to be strong is to keep going no matter how broken you feel. Because if you stop you are not real.

Refuse to be boxed in. Stop if you have to. Take a breather. You were not born to marathon your gender to a destination without men. Women, men and non-binary are the world humans. Without any of them humanity is void of diversity; the essence of our civilisation.

You are here to be yourself and equally be respected for it. You are here to add diversity in the world of gender and genderless.

Nobody should weigh you with expectations: keep going even when exhausted, you are a rock regardless of how you feel, you excel in domestic chores even when you are not, your place is according to customs, you are a life changer every day, etc.

Some days you will be fantastic and other days not. Some days it’s enough to just be there and stare. Without looking is dreaming blankness.

You are wonderful just as you are and do not need a validation from any sentence.

Let’s keep observing and deciphering for us and our future daughters.

Yours sincerely,

A fellow daughter

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