It’s Not a Silence

*This poem was inspired after having read the book Quiet, by Susan Cain. Being an introverted person, it is a celebration to see a movement revolutionising the quiet. Happily, I feel weird no more for finding tranquillity in a place such as graveyard.


It’s not a silence, no.

Happily, I converse with the invisible
Fallen ancestors, angels and even stars
They all guide me from madness.

It’s God disguised in things and people.

Sadly, I can’t stay here forever
Where it all makes perfect sense
As I find my cherished worthiness.

It’s a place others call it weird.

Reluctantly, I drape with a skin
Speaking in sirens I hardly recognise
Until I am drained of all sounds.

It’s a world driven by loudness.

One day, a sister came along
Victoriously she claimed what I am
As power to be treasured.

It’s Ms. Cain revolutionising the quiet.

Happily, I step out of the skin
And rejoice being alone again
With my fleet of quiet friends.

It’s not a silence, no – a strength.

©Gloria D. Gonsalves

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