Petals In A Lawyer Diary: Almighty Lavender

lavenderLavender, or better the almighty lavender as I have come to name this flowering plant has many uses including essential oils, medical and culinary. Lavender oil alone has over 20 ways of usage. I am also fond of this plant, perhaps due to another reason. Purple is one of my favourite colours. It is an elegant result of cool and warm colours, red and blue. Some consider it a royal colour and those seeking spiritual fulfilment use it for meditation. I love to wear it.

I have cured a headache by inhaling lavender oil.
I have slept peacefully by spraying lavender scent on a pillow.
I have invigorated my tired body using scented bath products and lavender oils.
I have refreshed the inside of my car using lavender spray.
I have aromatised and romanticised moments with lavender candles.
But I had never eaten anything consisting of lavender.

The vague culinary knowledge I had of this plant was a recipe of chicken lavender. However, I had neither been blessed with confident cooking skills to try it nor found it on a menu of the restaurants I had visited. My lawyer was confident to want to put his culinary skills to test. Unfortunately nature fairies warned me that if I was to taste it, I had rather get it right first time, or else, my love for lavender could be jeopardised. Oath or not, I did not wish to take that risk from my lawyer.

Then one early autumn during a holiday I learned that there was a difference between fine lavender, spike lavender and lavandin. The fore grows on the arid mountains of Provence; spike lavender grows on scrubland between an altitude of 0 and 600 metres; while the latter grows between an altitude of 0 and 800 metres all over the world. A day later, during a wonderful lunch at a beautiful village of Monieux we almost skipped desert until we saw lavender ice cream on the menu. My testimony of that lavender ice cream was that the French Culinary Gods are crazily playful and creative. The combination of lavender and a base of sweet woodruff was the most heavenly delicious ice cream I have ever had.

Despite all that, one might think that I have had it enough with this blissful purple flowered plant. Wrong. One wish is yet to be fulfilled – see the fields of lavender in full and glorious bloom. Stay tuned!

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