Petals In A Lawyer Diary: Moss (Not Drop) the Easter Eggs


Easter is incomplete without the Easter eggs and that is true for children. Excite your children with an idea of hunting moss for the Easter basket. Get them to do an outdoor walk to a forest. While there make them partake the act of harvesting moss for the Easter basket liner. Feathery moss grow on dump ground and not wood. It does not gleam but is fluffy. To choose the right moss, which is feathery and soft, ask a child to close their eyes. Then place their hand on the moss to feel it. Collect enough to fill your basket and return home.

At home first fill your basket with green hay. Then add the feathery moss. You now have a lined basket ready to receive the colourful fillers.

This trick works for adults too. My lawyer succeeded in persuading me to use moss instead of a pretty custom embroidered liner. I agreed as long as it did not

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