Mwalimu & Madiba (A Poem)

*For us Tanzanians the passing away of Nelson Mandela is a reminder of the valiant efforts made by Julius Kambarage Nyerere to support Mandela in freeing South Africa from the apartheid system of racial segregation.

Mama Africa’s heart grieves
for her two fallen legacies.

One gone in October 1999,
the other in December 2013.

Mwalimu, you were a valued fighter
defined by integrity and honour.

Madiba, you taught us virtues
of forgiveness and gentleness.

You both gave us humility,
stepping down when it was time.

Yes, someday you will return
triumphantly with your trademarks.

Mwalimu, a teacher,
reassuring with a baton.

Madiba, a healer,
remedying with a salute.

Till then your growls linger on;
African giants of 20th century.

Zidumu fikra za Mwalimu!
Amandla Awethu Madiba!

©Gloria D. Gonsalves

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