Binadamu akiwa na fikra hutafuta mahali akae kimya na kutafakari kwa makini. Moja ya sehemu mwanana ni chini ya mwembe. Mti wa mwembe hauchagui nani aketi chini yake. Utampa kila mtu faraja ya tunda, kivuli au yote.

Tafakari chini ya mwembe yaweza leta hisia mbalimbali. Ukisikia ndege wanaimba labda nawe pia utaimba. Majani ya mwembe yakipuliza na upepo mwanana, labda nawe utapata utunzi wa faraja. Chini ya mwembe, kalamu ya moyo wako yaweza andika fikra zozote.

Chini ya Mwembe ni kusanyiko la mashairi tofauti yanayogusa maisha ya mwanadamu. Mashairi yaliyopo yanatambua hisia mbalimbali kama mapenzi, furaha, amani, wasiwasi, uchungu, hasira, n.k. Maisha bila hisia ni kifo. Kitabu hiki kina nia ya kukuhamasisha nawe utafute mti wako wa mwembe utakaokusaidia kutafakari hisia za maisha.

Kitabu kinapatikana:

  • Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Dar es Salaam Tel: 0768482469
  • Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU), Moshi Tel: 0755978786
  • St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT), Arusha Tel: 0752695852

Karibu chini ya mwembe!

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What happens when soul and spirit go dancing together?

They get revealed to who they are. After a dance filled with sentiments of reflection, regret, pleasure, forgiveness, letting go and acceptance, they get resurrected as a divine pair. Only then will a human possessing them be freed of earthly troubles.

Life offers a classroom of lessons so that you become aware of your higher self. In order to awaken or transform spiritually, you need an inward visit to your human experiences.

Let’s Go Dancing in the Light is a soulful anthology of poetry and prose. It is the sacred dancing venue of soul and spirit. Through narrations and poems, the book delves into human struggles and transformations, as a spiritual quest to seek inner peace and the light of divinity. The stories and poems are humanly raw, for it is in the stripping bare of a soul that one can receive and give the blessing of light through spirit.

May you too find light when it’s time to bring your pair to the dancing venue.

This poetry book takes readers into miracles of embracing oneself as divine being; adulthood and its dilemmas, troubles and heartaches; and national identity, broken homelands with violence and destruction of land and human spirit. However, the human spirit is resilient. I hope at the end readers will celebrate with me the winning attitudes with triumphs over trials.

Summed up in a sentence: the book dares you to emerge with a kind heart: despite the thickness of the mist, the pride you will have displayed, the tears you will have shed, the rants you will have made, the fierce poems you will have written and winning attitudes you will have dared because everything about you is perfect.

Savanna will take you along a ride through cultural familiarities, all the while passing by liminal experiences that illustrate the importance of being receptive and open-minded in an ever-shrinking world. Her exclusive records cover a range of subjects from love to death, food to music, which harmoniously form this book.

The book is presented in a very non-linear progressive manner, opening and closing chapters with a new theme and lesson in mind. Each chapter has its own unique story and purpose, but they all aim together toward the same goal – the acquisition and distribution of wisdom. Meanwhile, each story has an opener in the form of an African proverb or a Kanga saying, meant to help one connect them to the stories told.

After experiencing joyous love and heartaches, insecurities and swelling pride, abuses and tender reinforcements, Savanna comes out of the callous jungle of life on top, roaring her victorious cries over the plains of Africa.

This novelette is about being able to smile at our adult selves, when one becomes acquainted with diverse ways of life and a multitude of acts that may seem not a norm to ones eyes. Welcome to the world of different cultures, where one soul, named Tausi (Swahili word for a Peacock) was exposed to varied cultural practices, both in her homeland in Africa and equally when she travelled abroad to the western world. These exposures made her to question what was right or wrong, blossoming her to an enlightened and colourfully plumaged bird.

This poetry book is about facets of good love – desire, friendship, fantasy, naughtiness, passion, patience, purity, sultriness, temptation and other unnamed. A woman can be loved by many but it takes that special someone to bring out the goddess and equally the tigress qualities in her. My sleeping heart was awakened after being touched by sizzling affection. To my readers, enjoy the passionate journey that my soul has had the luck to venture into! Additionally, some of these poems are also featured in “The Sound of Poetry” CD collection and incase you don’t know “Mahaba” is the Swahili word for love.