NaPoWriMo Day 22: Berry Ho, Merry Ho

Today’s prompt challenges to write a poem for children. This could be in the style of a nursery rhyme, or take a cue from Edward Lear or Shel Silverstein. It could rhyme — or not. It could be short — or not.

I am elated that this poem was featured on Day 23, described as: Today’s featured participant is Gloria D. Gonsalves, whose children’s poem for Day 22 has a lovely kind of off-kilter-ness to it, which recreates the sort of determined but not always logical progression of childhood thoughts.

Piggy raced Bambi
to the autumn forest
and fell in slimy puddle.

Berry–ho, merry–ho!
Where is your wellies?

They ran around trees
picking and eating
mushrooms and berries.

Berry–ho, merry–ho!
Where is your basket?

They sat on green moss
watching frogs and ants
pick a fight.

Berry–ho, merry–ho!
Where is your stick?

Bambi raced Piggy
to their farm shade
and wriggled on straw.

Berry–ho, merry–ho!
Where is your harvest?

Copyright © 2014, Gloria D. Gonsalves. All rights reserved.

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