New Book Release: Let’s Go Dancing in the Light

​”Thoughtful and spiritually intoxicating, Let’s Go Dancing in the Light: A Collection of Poetry and Prose for Soul and Spirit by Gloria D. Gonsalves is a compendium of both poems and essays designed to intoxicate the soul with lofty and pious thoughts…is a gift of music, of thought, and of love. It is spiritual, poetic, and at times very philosophical.” Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

“…takes you on a journey into an inspirational abyss as you read both long and short poetry and prose works that will captivate your senses and stimulate your heart…Let’s Go Dancing in the Light: A Collection of Poetry and Prose for Soul and Spirit by Gloria D. Gonsalves is a collection of jewels because of the eclectic mix of the pieces that you will be able to explore. I guarantee that you will find some great hidden pieces of your own…Just reading through the poetry and prose titles will entice your senses to want to explore more…” Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite

“…Gonsalves’ prose is deeply spiritual, deceptively simple and, at times, heartrendingly stark in its evocative imagery. She shows us that it’s not necessary to have verses rhyme to give them interest nor words to be entirely cohesive to give them meaning and impact. Each of the words has been chosen with care in order to convey snippets of emotion, dialogue, feelings, faith and hope… Her message is for every last one of us and Let’s Go Dancing in the Light provides just that – light and nourishment for our weary spirits and the souls. Nourishment, anyone?” Marta Tandori for Readers’ Favorite


Between 2014 and 2016, I was a contributing poet for ‘When Women Waken’ (a journal of poetry, prose & images by women) and ‘Sibyl Magazine’ (publishing original written works of women from around the world).

I never considered myself a spiritual person. However, the pieces I wrote indicated otherwise. During this time, something was happening to me. Sometimes, I didn’t recognise myself in what I was writing. It was as if someone else worked the keyboard.

Looking back, I realise that my higher self was gently tapping on the shoulder to remind me of who I am. But to get there, I needed to lay bare my heart and soul. And so I wrote down what I was afraid of feeling and saying aloud. Sometimes, we write to redeem ourselves. “Let’s Go Dancing In The Light” was a journey to redeem myself. While writing, I was transforming. I recognised the transcendent importance of spirit.

This collection of poetry and prose may not be a wondrous to everyone. However, I hope you as a reader will find the wondrous in yourself after reading a poem or a story in this book. I did when writing and now it is yours as a tool of self-transcendence.

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