New Book Release: The Wisdom Huntress

The Wisdom Huntress: Anthology of Thoughts and Narrations – Gloria D. Gonsalves –
African Literary Collection (October 2012)

“This book is an anthology of thoughts and narrations, whereby each is enriched with opening sentence of an interrelated African proverb or Swahili saying. One easily notes that the protagonist is an African woman, who is also exposed to the western culture. Her thoughts, narrations and mind boggling dilemmas leave the reader with unanswered questions and sometimes with near answers. The intention is to provoke deep thinking, reflections and discussions from readers.”

In this book are narrations and personal thoughts by Savanna, a woman who sees herself as a huntress for wisdom from the knowledge-filled expanses of her vast life in the worldly plains. Her exclusive records cover a range of subjects from love to death, food to music, which harmoniously form this book.

This book is aimed at provoking minds to question and subsequently try to understand the acts and thoughts of human beings regardless of their origin and culture. The proverbs are meant to help one connect them to the stories told.

The book also provides an opportunity to introduce the African proverbs and Khanga sayings, to those not acquainted with them. Further it offers a means of preserving African literary riches that at times are passed on orally by those who practice them. Above all this book is dear to the author as it enabled her to kick off fully my humanitarian related aspiration. For every book copy sold directly by the author, she will donate a portion to Tanzania Albino Charity. By December 2012, the author had collected a generous amount which supported the hosting of a Christmas meal for the children.

Source: Indie Author News

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