New Poetry Book Release: Let’s Go Walking In The Storm

BOOK TRAILER: Let’s Go Walking in the Storm

What happens when soul and spirit face a storm together?

They meet pretence, doubt, fear, anger, grief, revulsion, and desperation. After a walk through the commotions, they get a reality of darkness obscuring them from light. In this divine walk, they may be gifted revelations of what truly matters. Sometimes, there are answers. Other times, there are no answers. The walk through the storm opens the door to godly rooms where divine meaning, authentic truth, and deeper understanding reside.

Let’s Go Walking in the Storm is a soulful anthology of poetry and reflections. It’s the murky walking trail, with stormy stopovers, to the divine. Through poems and reflections, the book delves into human sufferings, environmental problems, violent conflicts and immigration, the COVID-19 pandemic, and racism and discrimination. As a spiritual journey to seek understanding and acceptance in the chaos, the spirit is also honoured with inspirations.

May you find calm when it’s time to walk in the storm.

To get your copy, visit Authorhouse, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and other major online book retailers. You can also order copies at your local bookstore or ask them to have a running stock.

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