On Religion and My Writing

To those who have written Fotor0927154428to ask of my religious denomination, I have one question for you. Did you see on this page a religious criterion to join it?

Religion should not be about converting or judging others. I would like to think that as humans we need to give each other the freedom to grow spiritually from any religious faith. Each one of us connects with a higher power in a way that makes sense to us, whether through Jesus, Muhammad, Yogananda, Buddha, archangels, etc. Therefore my faith, your faith and their faith should not hinder us from treating each other with respect and love.

My messages are focused in inspiring readers regardless of their religious background. Sometimes I may lean more towards my Christianity faith, this should not be translated that I want you to become one. It only means that I can express myself better that way. Also, I am a proud Tanzanian who grew up in a country that embraces all religious faiths with respect. As such, I do not hesitate to acknowledge lessons from other religious groups that help me grow spiritually.

Thank you in advance for understanding and respecting each other regardless of our religious background.

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