Petals In A Lawyer Diary: Once Upon A Time

In the fairy-tale forest of Altenberg lived a handsome prince. One hot summer day, a beautiful African princess wandered through the forest, chasing butterflies that landed on wild daisies. Now and then she would stop to play on the edge of beautifully running stream.

Curiosity led her into thickest part of the forest. Then, she sat down to rest on a trunk of an old tree covered in moss.
“Hello. I see you have found my secret resting spot,” a male voice boomed behind her.
“Who are you?” startled she looked around.
“I am the prince of this kingdom,” he announced. “Come sit down next to me. It’s more comfortable here.”
“What have you got to offer a visitor?” she asked.
“A carrot, good for your beautiful skin,” he said.

She joined him on a wooden bench. And they ate carrots ever happily after.

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