Pandemic Journal: 5 Things That Brought Me Joy in April

A reminder about small things of the present moment

In Germany, we were in the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic since March 13. April was the peak month for me; that is almost a month since being mostly inside and with no clue as to when life will return to normality again. During the month, I learned about a few things which, without the ongoing pandemic, I might have not considered or reflected on.

1. The sky has planets visible with the naked eye

The sky was an adventure for me. I watched the sky in the past but solely for major events like the full moon, super moon, etc. During the lockdown, that changed. I found myself adopting a giraffe-necked stance upwards. The sky was the outside I could endlessly enjoy without adhering to the social distance rules while inside.

I learned that the planet Venus, also known as the evening or morning star, is more prominent in the month of April. Consequently, I searched online for the best app to download in order to enhance my gazing of the night sky. My choice landed on the incredible simplest, SkySafari. Every evening, when the sky was cloudless, Venus appeared in the northwest direction. She still appears today. Our toddler knows it by heart now. He even points out and shouts, “Goodnight, Venus star” before going to bed.

I also read about the trio of the morning planets: Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. However, I missed seeing four of the five bright planets, including Mercury, which were forecast to be seen in April’s morning sky.

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