Petals In A Lawyer Diary: A Word of Valour

This poem is inspired by a cloud shape that I thought resembled Queen Cleopatra of Egypt.

What frightens you daughter of Africa.
I have walked and swelled upon length
of the longest river in your vast world.

I have loved with passion of rich harvest
and withered in the cold death of drought.
Yet I still dwell in noble history of queens.

Raise yourself in majestic steps of courage
dare not tame the tale of tempestuous lover
pulsating in water of your affluent veins.

There is nothing bold than a will to live.
Neither failures nor death can erase you
and acts written by ink of brave papyrus.

I am no more with earthly silver and gold
nonetheless returned to remind of swells
if you hold your neck high to sky’s ocean.

Walk surely above the giraffes and eagles.
Tell them you reject to see nothing lower
that robs your truth as an African queen.

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