Petals In A Lawyer Diary: How to Glow Your Autumn Affair

DSC00711 Indoor autumn can sometimes be a gloomy affair. In order to make it a natural and glowing experience, you can turn for help from crab apples or wild apples tree. May your autumn flame be a blazing affair throughout to winter.

Crab apples, toothpicks and a circular floral foam.

How To
Place the floral foam on flat surface.
Remove leaves from the fruits. Do not remove the offshoots as it will keep the fruits fresh for longer.
Stick toothpicks in the fruits with offshoots facing upwards.
Insert the fruits evenly around the arrangement.
Fill in the obvious gaps with remaining fruits.
Decorate with moss, leaves or remaining fruits under the surface.
Complete the arrangement by placing a piece of tree branch at the top.

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