Petals In A Lawyer Diary: Real Men Do Flowers Too


If a man can love pretty girls without being looked upon weird, why is it odd when the same man like pretty flowers?

I consider men who love flowers to be not necessarily anything else but secure with their masculinity. Flowers are nice things so why should a lovely thing be gender-based? Are we saying that it’s ok for a guy to plant flowers but forbidden to pick them for a nice home or office bouquet? My common senses fail to grasp this notion. What if he liked vegetables then? Who are we to say sorry you can like that edible nutritious plant but not this pretty scented one?

Guys if you think your fellow boy is abnormal for liking flowers then you are insecure with yourselves. As for girls who limit guys the same way, what if he treated your flower as beautiful as he would admire, smell longingly and touch gently each petal of a flower? Would you still consider him less masculine? And as for flowers receiving, I bet there are more guys out there who would love to receive them but since society has placed limitations in our acceptance of that gesture, they shrug the thought away.

Girls, if you feel like sending flowers don’t hesitate since it’s the thought that counts most than what you have gifted. Guys, I urge you to proudly confront the societal narrow ideas of what men can like until your souls are freed to enjoy flowery fragrances as you would bread. And I shall each night keenly wait for my delectable lawyer to pluck my flower as he would ours in the garden.

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