Poem: “How To Eat A Mango” and “An African Blessing” in The Kalahari Review









An African Blessing

May the mountains, valleys and
great waters sail you to greatness.
May the elephants, hyenas and
birds guide you to magnificent adventures.
May the drums, marimbas and
songs unleash your hidden talents.
May the exotic foods, fruits and
drinks nourish you with glorious life.
May the kings, queens and
others host your divine being with dignity.
May you find hope, love and
grace in the mighty kingdoms of Africa.

How To Eat A Mango

Silently I watched him like a lion
hungry for a prey. Who taught him
to eat a mango like that?

Wasting time slicing and dicing
into pretty cubes. I wished he sunk his
teeth instead of the knife he held.

As if he heard my pleas. Next one,
he felt it with his hands. It was soft,
yellow and ripe. Then he smelled it.

Engulfed by tropical scent, his senses
erased cumbersome manners, biting
into wantons of sweet yellow flesh.

No time for pretty curly peels. His mouth
sucked, acquiring gastronomic sensuality
until the fruit was defied of its exoticness.

Relieved I smiled at him. He had finally
gotten it. I was spared from boring task
of a manual on how to eat a mango.

He smiled back at me, a mouth
adorned with sticky nectar. His hands
marked with trophy of sunny juices.

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