Poem Reading: “Rise and be One With the Shine” in WILDsound Writing Festival

WILDsound Writing Festival made a call to submit to a poetry contest. They accepted poetry in any genre or length that’s about INSPIRATION. The reading was performed by Elizabeth Rose Morriss.

When you wake up in the morning,
what do you tell your divine self?
Do you see the stars inside affirming?
Do you see the magic in yourself?
The possibilities await your calling.
Rise and be one with the shine
for you have just begun forming
the mystical connection to oneself.
You are what life yearns rewarding.

Take a step and another to a knowing
within you is ability waiting to ignite.
Heaven and hell exist for a growing
if you believe experiences are light
buried deep in shadows of unknowing.
It’s alright to stumble on this step, or next,
your greatness deserves the showing
because all along you were a birthright
waiting for the will to reach your glowing.

I woke up too and saw you this morning
towing the sun to those lacking the shine
and now your hope is their dress adorning
because light lives in your heart as a shrine.
So walk on to the realm of reforming
for this dawn is a blessing of your storm
approaching as the dust of spirit exploring, and
no dividing line can separate you from divine
because all along you were in the sky soaring.

Copyright © 2017, Gloria D. Gonsalves. All rights reserved.

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