Poem: Super Citizenship

I, the deity you created based on your perception,
grant you from the sky to the sea a super passport
neither divine nor human by naturalization.
Below are the projected deeds of your citizenship.

You will declare yourself superior among the
living and non-living without their consent.
You will proclaim yourself my sole child,
born to save the weak after silencing them.

You will proclaim yourself a child of light
and, with this belief, send others to life in hell.
You will justify your actions with virtues, such as
freedom or peace, while denying them to others.

You will speak of wisdom and morals, yet your
actions and inactions will surpass immoral benchmarks.
You will attempt to redeem yourself in big acts,
but your narcissistic ways will always win you back.

You will love big toys and brag about them;
you will create artillery for little and big bodies.
You will rule the sky as the wings clipper,
and doves will evolve to wingless on land.

You will excel as a coward witnessing suffering
for fear of losing face among your fellow cowards.
You will implement double standards in battles
to fertilize local and foreign fields for your cattle.

You will love adventures in the rivers and seas,
along with your fleet of elegant excess and waste.
You will be prominent for killing marine species
to make space for your trunks of arsenal junk.

You will hunt for natural resources, even if
it means your folks are killed in finding them.
You will succeed in burning your only home,
where other living and non-living things dwell.

You will be infuriated as you read this,
and you might resort to teaching me a lesson.
You will either avenge by being all of the above
or be courageous and rise above the status quo.

Congratulations on joining the super citizenship.
The sky awaits your inventive crippling methods.
The land awaits your selfish mining spree.
The sea awaits your contaminating storms.
The living and non-living await their extinction.
Will you then grasp that super is not the future?

* First published by The Galway Review

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