Poem: “Your Dream Is Alive” For Children and Parents in Peshawar


For children and parents in Peshawar: I don’t know what to tell a parent who has lost a child. I don’t know what to say when that loss is instigated by senseless act of terror. And I certainly don’t know what to tell a child who has witnessed all these. Because I don’t know how, I loose myself on a page. There, a verse will guide me how.



To the man or woman,
who squealed and uttered –
my dream has been killed.
I implore you
your dream is alive.

To the boy or girl,
who scarred and uttered –
my dream to learn is killed.
I beg you
to keep your dream alive.

It is seated
in the mines of higher you.
It is wrapped
on your faith to keep going.

The dream remains
on everything it touched.
Grieve not forever
the glory has to be unveiled.

Please cry to wash away
the fear and loss.
But do not let hope
relinquish with bitterness.

Honour your dream
through lived moments.
Let go the teary mist
shadowing its potential.

Reach out –
friend, neighbour or stranger.
The dream is still there
waiting to be unleashed.

Do not tire:
the enemy will tempt you.
Keep the dream alive
charging forth without fear.

Someday tread back
watch how far you came.
The dream is thankful
for not having it killed.

©Gloria D. Gonsalves

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