Petals In A Lawyer Diary: Seducing Shy Peonies


One Saturday afternoon we drove to a specific location whereby my lawyer knew of a florist who sells the freshest of peonies.

Back home he snipped them diagonally across the base of the stem. Then he arranged them in a vase half filled with warm water as was instructed by the florist. She informed us that peonies love warmth and colder places slow down the process of buds opening.

Peonies are pretty shy blooms and need a bit of a prod to
show off their beauty.

A day later the tight buds were still shying away from blooming except for two flowers. Reminiscing of how a lover gently flirts with a partner, my lawyer took the opportunity to seduce the fragile buds. Using a basting brush and lukewarm water, he flirted with the tightly-budded flowers. A few hours later they gave in and opened up to show off their fragile pink purity.

Days to follow they welcomed me home with a full display and a musky fragrance of a lover who have just bedded a lawyer!

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