If it’s still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk — Paulo Coelho


One night of April 2012, I had a dream or perhaps it was a thought while trying to sleep. To date I have not figured out which one of these two was. Nevertheless this vision stayed in my mind for many days later. I was engulfed by a thirst of wishing to understand my spirit and its divine purpose in this world. It led me to different acts including attempts to reconnect with the holy guardians on Earth – the angels. During my mission of rejoining with my spiritual self that had gone amiss for years, one exploit remained pending. It haunted my mind for days and I ignored. My conclusions resignedly confirmed it was for a more daring soul than me. Then I came across Paulo Coelho’s quote. Inspirational energy ignited my willpower. I had nothing to lose by trying.

I embraced the idea and let it be. A movement was founded by me. One of my children’s book would rotate the world through prominent people and voluntary individuals. The person receiving the book would at that moment be a special herald of this movement. He/she would have to find a child who needs to hear a story in order to sleep, to smile, to experience magic, to feel cared for and loved. The mission task is to read anything from this book to the child. Thereafter they would have to return the book to me. I would then send it to another potential herald.

But who would I start with? For dubious reasons a royal person came to mind. It was this very notion that put me off first. What kind of stupid idea was this? I recalled him and a pair of electric blue shoes dancing with the locals during his royal Jamaican trip. At that stage I became very suspicious of my mind intentions. My partner concurred that I was irrational. Nevertheless the image of that happy-go-lucky man stayed on. I was sure he was capable of having fun with children. My first messenger was chosen. I wrote a letter to Prince Harry of Wales and consequently I named my special mission “Smiles in Blue”. Three months later I received a response with a returned book. However I cannot confirm that he specifically did as I asked. All the same, I thank him and his staff for responding appropriately.

This movement idea is still on my mind. So here I am again taking another risk – inviting my next advocate. Who will it be? You may email me at < > with your herald suggestions including their mailing address. As for me, the sky is not my limit. Denmark is the next stopover for “Smiles in Blue” advocacy. Wish me luck!

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