Petals In A Lawyer Diary: The Last Gasp of the Summer Garden

P1020166 Like a mother in the household, this holds true for hortensias as workhorses in the garden. Hortensias are truly appreciated for the summer beauty they add in gardens. This loveliness need not be forgotten and can continue with us once the season is over.

Pick the blooms and hang to dry. Once dried you may capture them in a dried flower arrangements. If you are not a flower arrangement pro, there is an easy way out. Arrange the fresh blooms nicely in a basket. Find individual brown ones and throw them away. You can also do this after they dry. Leave the blooms to dry. Once summer has gasped its last breath away, you will enjoy the lasting beauty of hortensia for years to come. Meanwhile I shall continue to hold respect to the lawyer’s mother for imparting us with endless beauty in our home.

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