Petals In A Lawyer Diary: The Lawyer’s Queen


The giving character of a passionate lawyer and volcanic temper of a seductive authoress is a combo that nurtured well a belief that the queen of flowers is lilies.

After years of togetherness, this noble idea was shattered by the royal presence of gladiolus. Observing them at an intimate distance, I heard him say, “the gladioli are truly queen of flowers.” Caressing them with admiring glances, he continued arranging them into the tallest vase we owned. This loud proclamation challenged the special fondness we had for lilies. But who could resist this perennial highness with showy flowers?

Also known as “sword lily”, the gladiolus is an intriguing sight, especially when its blooms are fully opened like a princess standing tall ready for a battle she is sure to win. Like her virgin highness, if gladioli are cut too tight, the flowerbuds might never open without specialized care. The formula to entice the flowers is to cut not too tight and recut stem ends with a sharp blade. With this fact, I note that only noble hands are suitable to fumble with this royalty.

With regards to colour, they come in ranges and our favourite are red or burgundy. I should have known why this one was the lawyer’s queen. Of course gladioli are native primarily to tropical Africa, a similarity owed to this temperament authoress. But she comes not in red or burgundy but in fiery cinnamon and her petals consist of poetic words, aiming to centerpiece his warrior heart.

That declared, may gladioli reign forever in our humble kingdom!

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