Petals In A Lawyer Diary: The Naked Lady

Fotor0203231751The first time we met, she made a bold statement right away. In a green gown, she elegantly poised tall between his hands. Her exuberant confidence escorted by burgundy petals. I had no idea who she was. My lawyer introduced her as Amaryllis. She meant nothing to me though her bold physique was hard to ignore.

I watched as his hands prepared her for settling in our home. Intimidated by her flamboyant presence, I planned to ignore her. It didn’t work. Instead, I found myself searching online for her background.

Three days later her petals exposed their glorious deep red. She was as naked as it could ever get. My lawyer oozed with affection. She on the other hand was revealing all her nicknames to him – amaryllis, belladonna lily or naked lady. Her feminine charm worked. His hands caressed her petals.

Oh, please!

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