Petals In A Lawyer Diary: Then I Read

P1030517In our daily lives we pray, worship, ask for things and stories outsourced from nature and are granted. So who or what force is responsible for supervising the freely given nature gifts? Who supervises the fairies, dwarves, leprechauns, or elves that bless us with awed-inspiring myths and fantasies? My lawyer and nature mentor could not give a logical opinion. His knowledge is based on facts and not divine omniscience.

Take for example a cow. Some worship the animal; others get fed or adorned by its products. But would a cow survive without grass? This herbaceous green plant that we take for granted is precious not only for our leisure enjoyment of sitting and playing upon it, but also for feeding animals. The Maasai Association gives an insight through a Maasai prayer, “Meishoo iyiook enkai inkishu o-nkera”. The English translation of this prayer is: “May Creator give us cattle and children.” Cattle and children are the most important aspect of the Maasai people. So who makes sure that nature has grass for cows, butterflies to land upon this grass, and nectar to feed the butterflies?

Each one of us has a religious faith or not. Mine involves a belief in archangels, the good angels that guide and help to understand my purpose in this physical world. Today, I was blessed with an understanding to my questions when I stumbled upon information about Archangel Uriel, who supervises the Nature Spirits.

Then I read a prayer.

Invocation to the Archangel Uriel*

Glory to God and his deeds,
for everything is good and wonderful.
Holy Archangel Uriel,
protect and look after rivers,
their waters we drink,
life springs up from them;
make grass sprout for cattle,
make man yield bread out of the land,
wine to enliven his heart,
oil and food to give him force.

*This beautiful invocation was translated from the original Spanish by Pedro Pablo Parrado of Bogota, Colombia.

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