Petals In A Lawyer Diary: There is no Green Without White and Without Orange

P1010744Our walking mission on that rainy summer Sunday of June was a visit to a castle ruin that we had not seen before. While my lawyer’s eyes wandered off to see what the green forest would supply for a summer bouquet, mine were fixated by small orange images on the ground. On the other hand my feet were busy trying to avoid stepping on them. They appeared like orange peels on moist brown surface. I stopped to look closer and discovered that they were slugs. Never before had I seen slugs so beautiful.

P1010749We continued with our quest to see the ruinsThen we came upon another sight that filled me with awe and reverence. White cows mating! In my experience with domestic animals I had never seen a plain white cow. We gathered nothing on that day but nature gifted me with two unforgettable sights. To date those memories bring me feelings equalling great discovery and fascination. I would dispute Vincent Van Gogh on his quote, “There is no blue without yellow and without orange.” Mine would proclaim, “There is no green without white and without orange

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