Petals In A Lawyer Diary: Tickled Earth


Guess what? It’s not only in autumn season that the Earth laughs. Throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter, the soggy ground is all smiles. If you care to look, the Earth giggles by sprouting wild, strange, colourful and non-colorful mushrooms. Have you spotted or collected any?

The adventure of spotting them is not fulfilled unless you find the fairy tale mushroom (Amanita). In German, the mushroom is known as “Gluckspilz” (lucky mushroom). It is believed that if seen, this mushroom is a good-luck charm. I found mine in Wicklow, Ireland. No wonder I felt like the leprechauns kissed my ears on that day and we all blushed green.

Beware though of the beautiful lucky bringer who is also toxic!

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