Petals In A Lawyer Diary: When You Two Kissed


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It was first Monday of March,
Spring was not so far away.
I stumbled upon your kingdom,
Next to longest river in the country.

Chirping birds urged me near,
For magic of a cold sunny day.
Mesmerised by what became,
Of bulbs united with ground.

I felt the Spring arrival,
Warming your frozen insides.
Meanwhile, stunning my heart
With flutters of new lovers.

The Earth pouted kisses in green,
You met her halfway with yours.
Together you exhaled romance,
Of purple and white fairies.

Oh! When you two kissed,
The crocus could hardly wait.
She emerged her satisfaction,
With smiles of every colour.

Your affair marked the ending,
Of my freezing winter miseries.
I left renewed and hopeful,
My heart rushing to meet him.

© Gloria D. Gonsalves

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