Write for Rights: A Letter To The Moon Girl


Every December, Amnesty International under its campaign ‘Write for Rights’ calls its supporters around the world to write millions of letters for those whose basic human rights are being attacked. Their plea – write like someone’s life depends on it. According to statistics, 1 out of 10 girls worldwide aged under 18 have been forced to have sex or perform sexual acts. The true number is likely to be higher. So here I am, continuing a long tradition of writing letters. I wrote a letter to the raped girl. My act will not right the wrong. I pray it helps that girl feel courageous with life ahead.


Dear moon girl,

You are the one who hides during day and come at night. The shame forced onto you conceals life until the sun disappears. In the night, you come out and howl to emit your pain and humiliation.

You are not alone. Be still and you will hear others.

We know what your wail is. We know what rape is. We know it.

You have been through the devil’s horns when moon was quarter. You have been through Lucifer’s smile when moon was half. You are now entering the full godly circle.

On the next full moon day, undress all that you hate about yourself. Bundle it all up and burn it to a purifying fire.

Inside you is a life growing. Take it as a second chance of life. Every development–the limbs, the heartbeat, the first kick–is a route to a new life. Allow this divine cycle to complete.

Don’t succumb to giving up. Embrace life again. It’s the best revenge you can give. They may not see you walking during day. What they don’t know is, only a moon girl can tread the darkness.

You are the moon girl. Do not deny yourself the power of glow. Reclaim your rare light with redemptive acts.

Sweep the floors of doubts. Wipe the low-spirited surfaces. Open the hidden godly windows. Keep going until all spaces are nothing but eternal glow of your moon self.

May the eyes which saw your nakedness meet God.

May the shaming and jeering turn to purifying light.

May the tears shed sail you to a new beginning.


Fellow Moon Girl

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