This collection brings together various memories, experiences, and observations of my motherland, Tanzania.

The subjects range from natural resources, love, food, and culture to self-pride. You will learn about the wealth and diversity of Tanzania’s people, culture, and natural resources. This book is an ode to Tanzania and a subtle memoir by its descendant.

A calm voice of Africa’s daughter, nostalgic for the past and hopeful for a bright future. A must read!

Esther Karin MngodoCommittee Member of Mwalimu Nyerere National Creative Writing Award (Tanzania)

Gonsalves writes about Africa in all its brilliance and beauty with a pure vision and a complete lack of cliché.

Derek WorkmanEditor In Chief, The Kalahari Review

This book will inspire the reader to think about who they are and where they come from, and be proud of their heritage.

Lee AnnEditor at FirstEditing.com

Riveting collection depicting Gonsalves’ remarkable prowess in penning endearment about the beautiful continent of Africa and her motherland Tanzania.

Fadhy MtangaUWARIDI (Tanzanian Novelists’ Guild)