Why is it important?

World Poetry Day is celebrated annually on 21 March. Although this day gives an opportunity for children to be introduced to poetry in classrooms, there is an important element missing. Poetry is thought to be not ordinary, and even to the extent of being boring and dull by young minds. It is therefore important for children to learn and experience poetry in a fun way other than school curriculum or what is written for them by adults. Therefore, a day dedicated to poetry written and read by children in entirety is necessary.

Also, poetry as one of the literature genres has the potential to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education. Poetry can contribute to the relevant skills of reading and writing. WoChiPoDa as an initiative is one potential tool to contribute towards this global goal. Reading and writing have to co-exist. For children, writing helps them to read and reading prepares them to write. Poetry is a valuable tool that does both by enhancing speaking, listening and communication in children.

What is WoChiPoDa?

World Children’s Poetry Day (WoChiPoDa) is a day dedicated to children’s poetry. This day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of October. On this day children will learn to experience poetry in a fun way. Children will recite poems written all by themselves. Listeners can be family, friends, schoolmates, teachers or anyone else. And all this is done in a fun setting.

Who is eligible to organise it?

Anyone involved with poetry or children’s education can host a WoChiPoDa event to enhance what they are already doing as an ambassador for child education. The event can also be used to shine a light on other child-support activities the organiser is actively involved in.

Besides poets and teachers, we also welcome the array of creative minds who are involved in caring for children including parents, guardians, caretakers, etc. However, it is encouraged to involve or reach out to someone with poetry skills in order to maximise the impact of your event.

Who is behind it?

WoChiPoDa was founded by Gloria D. Gonsalves as part of her efforts to instil the love of poetry to children. Parents, teachers, and guardians are encouraged to motivate children to celebrate this day and share their experiences through poetry writing.

Read more at  www.wochipoda.com.