What happens when soul and spirit go dancing together?

They get revealed to who they are. After a dance filled with sentiments of reflection, regret, pleasure, forgiveness, letting go and acceptance, they get resurrected as a divine pair. Only then will a human possessing them be freed of earthly troubles.

Life offers a classroom of lessons so that you become aware of your higher self. In order to awaken or transform spiritually, you need an inward visit to your human experiences.

Let’s Go Dancing in the Light is a soulful anthology of poetry and prose. It is the sacred dancing venue of soul and spirit. Through narrations and poems, the book delves into human struggles and transformations, as a spiritual quest to seek inner peace and the light of divinity. The stories and poems are humanly raw, for it is in the stripping bare of a soul that one can receive and give the blessing of light through spirit.

May you too find light when it’s time to bring your pair to the dancing venue.